Headlines for September 22, 2022

Advocates of a moratorium on proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining in New York are celebrating one currency’s transition to a greener process.  Etherium, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, transitioned last week to a proof-of-stake blockchain which uses less than one percent of the energy of the more common proof-of-work. Yvonne Taylor, vice president of Seneca Lake Guardian said the merge proves that the industry can innovate to use less energy and said the proposed moratorium “isn't anti-crypto: it's pro-planet, and the industry will clearly survive.” The ban passed the State legislature in June but still needs Governor Hochul’s signature to become law. According to the digicomomist.net, Etherium’s transition from proof-of-work crypto mining will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to the entire country of Finland shutting off its grid.

The Watkins Glen Board of Trustees is considering instituting a licensing requirement for businesses in the village. According to the Observer the issue arose following the opening of a local marijuana “sticker store.” Acting Mayor Louis Perazzini requested that the planning and zoning boards keep the trustees apprised of what businesses are being proposed and considered.

The Tompkins County Legislature is holding a public forum on its recommended 2023 fiscal budget. The Zoom meeting will be simulcast on YouTube and will provide an opportunity for the public to give input and ask questions. Links to join or watch the meeting and to review budget documents are available at wrfi.org.

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