Headlines for December 20, 2022

In late November, Cornell wrote to TCAT that it would not increase its contribution to TCAT’s budget. In August, TCAT’s Board of Directors asked its three contributors—the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, and Cornell University—to increase their annual pay by $75,000. According to the Ithaca Voice, Cornell claims that TCAT failed to specify any justifications “for such a large increase,” and suggested that TCAT rely on its $16 million in reserves instead. Budget projections by TCAT’s Board of Directors indicate that TCAT may burn through such emergency reserves by 2024, and could face an additional $3.7 million in deficits. Cornell’s decision proves another hurdle for TCAT, which has recently faced driver shortages, increasing costs, services cuts, and a labor contract negotiation with United Auto Workers local 2,300. 

According to the Times Union, Governor Hochul projects no significant budget cuts nor tax hikes for New York State’s 2023 budget. State officials say they have enough reserves to maintain spending, but the state is still bracing itself for a potential economic downturn. The administration has so far released few details concerning upcoming state policy, but most are expected to be revealed in Hochul’s January 10th State of the State address. Progressive democrats had criticized Hochul’s decision to save billions of dollars for reserves last year. They asked the state to instead invest in childcare, healthcare, and homecare. In April, Hochul responded to critics, saying, “Don't take…fiscal prudence as a lack of ambition.” 

In news from WRFI, the rollout of the station’s new frequency 89.7 FM has hit a minor setback. Station staff are working on addressing the issue, and expect to have it resolved by Monday, December 26th. When the new frequency returns, be sure to check out 89.7 wherever you listen—our early tests indicate that listeners will be able to tune in in parts of Newfield, Enfield, Danby, Elmira, Horseheads, and Cortland. 

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