Local News for Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Early Voting Begins for Tompkins County District Three Special Election

Early voting begins Saturday in the special election to fill the seat for Tompkins County Legislature’s third district. The vacancy was created when former third district rep Henry Granison resigned and later passed away. Democrat Susan Currie—the former director of Tompkins County Library—is the sole candidate on the ballot but voters may still write in other candidates. Early votes may be cast at the Board of Elections at 128 East Buffalo St in Ithaca. District polling places will be open on January 24. More information on the election can be found at tompkinscountyny.gov/boe.

Card Skimmer Found at Elmira Heights Gas Station

According to WENY, a card skimmer was found on a gas pump Saturday at the Speedway gas station on College Ave in Elmira Heights. Card skimmers are used by thieves to fraudulently collect credit card information. The skimmer has been removed but recent customers of the gas station are encouraged to check their accounts for fraudulent activity. 

Breaking Bread With a Broken Oven

Lovers of Wide Awake Bakery products may be wondering why the breads have been missing from local retail shelves recently. It turns out the Mecklenburg bakery, and underwriter of WRFI, recently suffered a complete failure of its bread oven. Wide Awake has been able to continue baking for its “Crust Fund” community supported bakery members by using their smaller pastry oven. In turn, Crust Fund members leapt in to help raise funds to repair the bread oven. Repairs are underway and Wide Awake hopes to be back up and running by next week.

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