Local News for Monday, March 20, 2023

Cornell Hosts Debate on Urgency of Climate Crisis

Cornell hosted a debate Friday on the urgency of reducing climate warming pollution. Professor Robert Socolow of Princeton argued that “climate science compels us to make rapid and large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.” Professor Steven Koonin of New York University argued that it doesn’t. Both are established climate scientists. The event was co-sponsored by the Cornell Free Speech Alliance and conservative non-profit the Steamboat Institute. 

Cornell’s decision to host the event marks a doubling-down of President Martha Pollack’s free speech policy. In an interview in 2017 she said, “We can’t get at truth unless we’re willing to entertain all ideas, including ones we disagree with.” She said that even extends to “ideas that are patently offensive and clearly false.” Conservative activists and leaders have lamented a “free speech problem” at elite institutions, arguing that students are afraid to speak or hear non-conventional opinions out of fear of being “canceled,” or socially ostracized. There is already a scientific consensus that humans have caused climate change, with 97 percent of climate scientists in agreement. 

 Horseheads Bear Poses Risk to Neighborhood

A bear that’s been roaming the streets of Horseheads will be euthanized. According to WETM, a resident has been ticketed for feeding the bear. The DEC said feeding the bear was “reckless” and that it directly resulted in the dangerous behavior the bear started to exhibit. The agency says that euthanizing bears is always a last resort.

Watkins Glen to Hold Elections Tuesday

Elections will take place in Watkins Glen tomorrow. The village will elect a mayor and town Village Board members. Acting Mayor Louis Perazzini is running for mayor on the Republican side. Trustee Laurie DeNardo is running for mayor on the Democratic ticket. Perazzini has served as Acting Mayor since fellow Republican Luke Leszyk resigned in July following allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of power. Peter Cherock, Margaret Schimizzi, and Jerri-Lynn Chronis will compete for two four-year terms on the Village Board. To find your polling place and learn more go to vote411.org.

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