Local News for Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Cash Sales Increase as Housing Prices Rise in Tompkins County

A new housing market report from the Ithaca Board of Realtors says that the average price of a home in Tompkins County has gone up over 22 percent since 2021. The county’s average home price is now over $350,000. The report will be presented to the county legislature’s Housing and Economic Development Committee during its Wednesday meeting. The report also concludes that someone earning the area’s median income can no longer afford a median priced home and cash sales now account for a third of all new home sales.

Ithaca Begins Spring Street Cleaning This Week

Spring street cleaning started in Ithaca on Monday. Signs will be posted on streets before their cleaning dates. Officials say residents should move cars or risk being ticketed and towed. Residents can rake yard leaves into the gutter for pick up on their designated cleaning day. However, property owners will be charged for anything put into gutters after the street cleaning. Street cleaning will take place all month. A schedule is on the city of Ithaca website.

Schuyler County To Receive over $350k in Opioid Settlement

Schuyler County has reached an agreement for over $350,000 with three national pharmacy chains: CVS, WalMart and Walgreens. The companies are being sued by c ounties and the state attorney general for their part in spreading the opioid epidemic. The Schuyler county legislature will vote on whether to accept the settlement at their meeting next Monday. If approved the funds will be paid to the county over the next 15 years. Settlement funds may be used for opioid treatment services, drug-related law enforcement and other anti-drug activities.The county has already accepted almost $1 million in settlements from other companies over the past two years.

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