Local News for May 11, 2023

- School Board Budgets: Groton, Trumansburg -

This week, we’re sharing information about school district budgets. Next Tuesday voters will choose to accept or reject their district’s proposals. Here are links to the $25.8 million proposal for Groton, and Trumansburg’s $31 million proposal. 

- Working for Tompkins County Pays Well Compared to Similar Places -

An analysis of Tompkins County government salaries shows they are competitive with those in similar municipalities. A summary of a study was presented to the legislature’s budget committee this week. It compares the Tompkins County salaries to those in Seneca, Saratoga, and Cayuga counties and the City of Ithaca. Here are video of the presentation and a link to the report. The study was commissioned by the county legislature in 2022.

- Ithaca Has Another Acting Police Chief -

Ithaca has its third acting police chief since Dennis Nayor resigned in 2021. Lt. Ted Schwartz was appointed to the position by Mayor Laura Lewis on Tuesday. Schwartz has been with the department since 2011 in several leadership positions. He’s been in charge of the Investigations Division since 2020. Schwartz is taking over from Deputy Chief Vincent Monticello who briefly led the department but is retiring soon. He took over when John Joly went on indefinite personal leave last month.

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