Local News for June 5, 2023

Tompkins County Announces $700,000 In Grant Funds For Nonprofits Tackling Opioid Crisis  

Tompkins County nonprofits can now apply for some of the opioid settlement funds. The County’s Opioid Task Force will distribute $700,000 in grants for work related to the opioid crisis. The money comes from settlements paid by drugmakers and distribution companies. Information about how to apply is on the county’s website.

Assembly Passes Bill To Create State LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee 

The Assembly passed a bill that would create a state LGBTQ+ advisory committee. The committee would conduct research and make recommendations to the Executive branch. Assemblyperson Anna Kelles introduced the bill. She says the committee is needed to create a permanent voice in Albany for queer people. On the Senate side, the bill is still in committee. The legislative session ends next Thursday.

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