Local News: August 25, 2023

- Steuben County Residents Warned of Possible New Scam -

Residents of Steuben County are being warned of a possible scam. The Sheriff’s Department says someone may be posing as a county Board of Elections employee. A person went to an Urbana area home, said they worked for the Board of Elections and asked for personal information. When asked for ID the person left. The Steuben County Board of Election told WETM-TV they do not make home visits to collect personal information. The Sheriff’s department says if you are approached by someone claiming to be from the Board of Elections call 911.

- A New Candidate Enters Ithaca Common Council Ward 3 Race -

A new candidate has entered the Ithaca Common Council Third Ward race. The Ithaca Voice reports Pat Sewell announced he’s running for the 2-year seat on the Community Party line. His opponent is Pierre St. Perez who won the Democratic Party primary in June. Sewell teaches environmental ethics and economics at Tompkins Cortland Community College and also works at GreenStar Food Coop.

- Steuben County Town May Ban Spreading Sludge To Block Casella Project -

Spreading sludge on fields in the town of Thurston in Steuben County may be banned as soon as next week. A public hearing and vote are scheduled for August 28. FingerLakes1.com reports if approved the new law could prevent Casella Organics from spreading sludge from Long Island on over 2,700 acres across Thurston, Bath, and Cameron. Sludge is already spread on the field. The town of Cameron recently passed a one-year moratorium on expanding solid waste projects. Casella says the amount of sludge spread on the field would not increase from its current capacity.

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