Local News: September 8, 2023

Seneca Falls Town Board rejects draft host agreement for Seneca Meadows landfill

The Seneca Falls town board voted 3-2 to table a proposed host agreement for the Seneca Meadows landfill. The deal is estimated to be worth $173 million for the town over the next two decades. The proposed expansion of the landfill has been opposed by community members, environmental groups, and neighboring municipalities. Finger Lakes Daily News reports that a future vote on the host agreement has not been announced.

Tompkins County Announced Public Forums About Its Strategic Planning Process

Tompkins County is holding three community forums this month about its strategic planning process. The first will be on September 12 in Ithaca followed by one in Enfield on September 13 and the third on September 14 in Dryden. Residents will get an update on the county’s strategic planning so far and have a chance to share their ideas on the future of the county.  Residents can also submit ideas online. More details are here

Ithaca Passes Anti-Discrimination Law For Transgender Healthcare 

The Ithaca Common Council unanimously voted for a bill protecting gender-affirming healthcare. The Ithaca Voice reports the new law protects the rights of transgender people to get healthcare and mental health care in the city.  The new law also declares that the city will not cooperate with law enforcement from outside New York State “seeking information about or extradition of clients seeking or practitioners” of gender-affirming healthcare. Discrimination against people because of gender identity is already illegal in the city. New York State implemented a new law about two months ago that protects the healthcare rights of transgender people.

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