Local News: September 18, 2023

- Ithaca CarShare To Reopen In 2024 -

Ithaca CarShare will reopen in March 2024 when a new law goes into effect that will make it possible for them to get insurance again. The nonprofit car share has been shut down since May because of a regulator problem that caused it to lose insurance coverage. A new state law was required to fix the problem. The state Assembly and Senate unanimously passed the bill in June. But, Governor Hochul didn’t sign into law until last week and there’s a six-month waiting period before it goes into effect. 

Full disclosure: The insurance issue that led to the carshare’s temporary shutdown affects other non-profits including WRFI Community Radio.

- Pay Transparency Required for New York Job Postings -

Employers in New York State now have to include pay details in job advertisements. A new law went into effect on September 17. WXXI Public Radio reports The law covers places with four or more workers. It applies to remote, telecommuting, or other positions that involve a supervisor, work site, or office in New York state. Supporters of the new law believe it will reduce wage disparity. A state report in 2021 concluded that women made 88 cents for every dollar men earned. More information about the new law is here.

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