Local News: September 20, 2023

- Tick-borne illnesses double in Tompkins County -

Tick-borne illnesses are on the rise in our region and across the country. According to The Ithaca Voice, the number of cases of Lyme disease in Tompkins County has doubled in the past year. Part of the reason is milder winters because of climate change. Ticks, especially deer ticks survive in warmer winters. However, researchers say there’s no one cause for the recent rise in illnesses and it may take a few more years for them to understand all the reasons for the increase in tick-caused diseases.

- Interlaken takes public stance against landfill expansion -

The Village of Interlaken Board voted unanimously at its September 14 meeting to oppose the expansion of Seneca Meadows landfill. The Finger Lakes Times reports the move is more than symbolic. The Board wants the village to be named an “interested party” in the permitting process for the expansion. That include them in change the public participation process required by the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Even though they are 25 miles from the landfill local officials say Interlaken residents are affected by truck traffic and what they describe as the “PFAS leachate” and methane coming into the community.

- Ithaca College to test emergency sirens -

Don’t be alarmed by the sirens you might hear in Ithaca on Thursday. Ithaca College will be testing its emergency system at about noon that day. An announcement says people living near the college may hear warning sirens and announcements but there’s no need to do anything. It’s just a test.

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