Local News: September 22, 2023

- Health insurance costs for Cortland County employees, retirees may rise -

Cortland County retirees and employees may see their health insurance contributions rise by 10% in 2024. The Cortland Voice reports the county is facing a $1.3 million gap in the 2024 budget. The insurance increase would close that gap.  The legislature is set to vote on the resolution at their September 28 meeting.

- State mandates push Tompkins County budget up -

Tompkins County’s 2024 budget recommendations were presented to the legislature earlier this week. County Administrator Lisa Holmes submitted the $254 million budget includes a 2% tax levy increase. It also contains increases of several million dollars because of state mandates. The county will have to pay over a million dollars more for Medicaid. This change is because will take some of the federal funds meant for counties Medicaid assistance. The other large expense is an increase of  $5.3 million for labor costs relating to state employees in the county. The county has about 800 state workers. You can find the full budget proposal here.

- Vote by mail now available to all in New York -

Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill that allows New Yorkers to vote by mail for any reason. Previously, voters could only get an absentee ballot under certain circumstances. The Albany Times Union reports the new law also allows for same-day voter registration and requires prison officials to give incarcerated people voting rights information when they are released. New York Republicans opposed the new law. They have filed a lawsuit saying it’s unconstitutional. New Yorkers voted against a constitutional amendment to allow no-excuse voting by mail.

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