Local News: November 10, 2023

- WRFI Community Radio goes silent in Watkins Glen -

We have some news about our station. Beginning Friday, November 10 WRFI will no longer be heard on our terrestrial frequency 91.9 in Watkins Glen. Felix Teitelbaum, the station’s Executive Director, explains the reason for the change.

"What’s happening is that our transmitter site in Watkins Glen is no longer affordable to us. The landlord there, who we worked with for many years, sold his business to someone who now wants a tremendous amount for rent. And we can’t afford that rent so we have to shut down our Watkins Glen facility," he said.

Teitelbaum said some listeners in the Watkins Glen area can still hear the station 89.7FM on terrestrial radio and also stream the station on its website.

He said the station expects the change to be temporary and they are already looking for a new home for the transmitter. The new site needs to be near Rt. 414 along the lake so the signal can be heard in Watkins Glen.

"We don’t need a large radio tower, you might be imagining a large structure or something. A small wooden utility pole, 25 [or] 30 feet will do the trick, or a rooftop of a barn or something like that would also work," he said.

If you think you’ve got the right place for our transmitter or want to find out more about the situation please contact us at WRFI.org/contact.

- Cornell student accused of making violent threats against the university’s Jewish community will remain in custody -

The 21-year-old Cornell student accused of making violent and antisemitic threats will remain in custody. He had a bail hearing in federal court in Syracuse on November 9. WRVO reports that federal prosecutors say that Patrick Dai has made two suicide attempts while in custody. The judge said Dai might be a flight risk because his father lives and works in China. The judge said Dai would be a threat to himself, his family, and the community. Dai faces federal charges of “posting threats to kill or injure another using interstate communications.” If convicted he could be sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine, and 3 years of post-release supervision.  Dai did not enter a plea at the trial.

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