Local News: December 7, 2023

- Republican businessman announces challenge to Gillibrand in 2024 election -

A Republican businessman announced he is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in 2024.  WRVO Public Radio reports Josh Eisen previously ran for the House in  2020. He suspended his campaign after it was reported that he was sanctioned by judges twice for harassing legal opponents and their families. He was fined $20,000. Eisen called it a story of reconciliation. He says he and that business partner continued to work together. Gillibrand’s campaign called Eisen a "MAGA-Republican… utterly disqualifying for the office he seeks" 

- An announcement suggests Cayuga Nation and Seneca County are seeking cooperation, not lawsuits -

Seneca County and the Cayuga Nation issued simultaneous press releases on Wednesday. CNY Central reports both say they are working to end decades of conflict which included lawsuits. Seneca County also officially recognized the Cayuga Nation and its controversial federally-recognized leader, Cliff Halftown. There is ongoing internal leadership conflict among the Cayuga people. 

- Tompkins County will make public criminal data including arrests -

The Tompkins County legislature voted unanimously to make public arrests, prosecutions, and case outcomes. The decision fulfills a recommendation in the Reimagining Public Safety plan. The Community Justice Center will create a dashboard and publish the information.

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