Local News: February 7, 2024

- Tompkins County legislature rejects ceasefire resolution -

By a one-vote margin, the Tompkins County legislature rejected a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. The Ithaca Voice reports legislature heard hours of public comments mostly supporting the resolution. The vote was 7-6 in favor of the resolution but it needed 8 votes to pass.  The final resolution called for the release of all civilian hostages held by Hamas and Israel, unlimited access to humanitarian aid, and the restoration of water and electric service in Gaza.

- Manhattan state legislator files challenge to have Trump removed from state’s Republican primary ballot -

New York is the latest state to see a challenge to allowing former President Donald Trump on the Republican primary ballot. The Albany Times Union reports that on Tuesday State Senator Brad Holyman-Sigal filed an objection with the State Board of Elections. The challenge couldn’t be made until Trump was officially on the ballot. Republican election commissioners approved his inclusion on Tuesday. CBS News reports that Trump has been ruled ineligible or there are challenges to his place on ballots in over a dozen states. New York’s Republican primary is scheduled for April 2. 

- Governor’s budget plan could cost rural schools million of dollars in state aid -

A proposal in Governor Hochul’s executive budget could cost rural school districts millions of dollars in state aid if it’s approved. Watkins Glen School District could lose close to $2 million dollars. 

"That's the equivalent of, roughly I would say, of 22, 24 teachers maybe or staffing positions," said David Little, Executive Director or the Rural Schools Association, based in New York

Hochul’s plan would increase the state aid for some school districts. The joint legislature hearing about K-12 education was held on February 1. The legislature is supposed to approve the budget by April 1.

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