Local News: February 9, 2024

-  Water to be shut off on Tuesday for Village of Watkins Glen -

Water in the Village of Watkins Glen will be shut off early Tuesday morning. Work on a major pipe will take place from 3 to 7 AM. The work is part of the $30 million project to upgrade the entire water system. WENY TV reports residents should check the village's Facebook page on Tuesday to find out when the water is running again.

- Binghamton University student among hostages held by Hamas -

A Binghamton University student serving with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is among the hostages held by Hamas. Twenty-two-year-old Omer Neutra is from Long Island. The New York Daily News reports that Neutra took a gap year in 2020 before starting college and during that year he joined the IDF. His family says he was serving with his tank unit near the Israel-Gaza border on October 7 when he was taken hostage. WBNG TV reports the Binghamton University Zionist Organization held a rally to show solidarity with his family on Thursday night.

- Citizen proposal to disband Binghamton’s police department draws criticism from Republicans -

A regular government critic in Binghamton proposed legislation to disband the city’s police department last Monday. If approved the police department would be replaced by the sheriff’s department and state police. WSKG reports the request immediately drew criticism from Republicans. The city’s Republican mayor, Jared Kraham held a press conference the next morning and said it never should have been put on the agenda. The city charter allows residents to propose legislation but to move forward a majority of the council needs to vote to bring the plan to the business meeting.

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