Local News: February 12, 2024

- Broome County gets new firefighting foam without dangerous toxins -

Broome County fire departments will no longer use firefighting foam that contains PFAS chemicals, called “forever chemicals”. PFAS and PFOS chemicals are a group of cancer-causing chemicals found in everyday items like non-stick pans, Gore-tex, and in firefighters' clothing and firefighting foam.  WSKG Public Radio reports that Broome County has bought almost 1,000 gallons of new toxin-free foam to be distributed around the county. A Broome County fire official says fire-suppressing foam is used to put out fires on highways and railways.

- Under new expression policy, some Cornell students face disciplinary actions -

A group of Cornell students who engaged in a protest last Thursday are the first to face disciplinary action under the University’s new “expressive activity policy”. The Cornell Daily Sun reports about one hundred students engaged in a die-in at Mann and other libraries to protest Palestinian deaths in the Israel-Hamas war. Protesters say University investments are supporting what they call “genocide”. University police took identification and referred students to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action. Vice President Joel Malina released a statement the following day saying “Disruptions of this type are not permissible.” referring to the new expressive activity policy. One protest organizer described the new policy “absurd and draconian”.

- Town of Seneca postponed vote on landfill permit for second time -

The Seneca Town Board postponed a vote to renew its permit for Seneca Meadows landfill. It was the second time the board put off voting on the permit. Finger Lakes Times reports that several members of the public told the Board about how odors from the landfill are affecting them. The facility can continue to operate without a town permit because it has a state permit.

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