Local News: April 2, 2024

- Ithaca seeks public comment about proposed short-term rental policy -

The City of Ithaca wants feedback from residents about the proposed short-term rental ordinance. The law will regulate residential rentals of less than 30 days. Links to more details and how to submit a comment are on our website, WRFI dot org slash news. A public hearing on the proposed ordinance will be held at the April 10 Common Council meeting. Comments must be received before that date.

- Eclipse activities -

All this week we’re highlighting some of the eclipse-related events and information. Ali Jackson is with the Sciencenter in Ithaca. She said they’ll have eclipse activities for children of different ages throughout the weekend. 

"For really little learners, a storybook activity called “Bear’s Shadow” that gets at some of the science behind an eclipse that’s all about blocking light and making shadows. And so it’s a chance to use flashlights and use objects to play with shadows," Jackson said.

She said some activities are for elementary-aged kids. They’ll get into the science of what’s happening in an eclipse. 

"From our vantage point on Earth,the moon is just the right size and just the right distance that it looks to be the same size as the Sun but of course, it’s not. It’s much, much, much, much.much smaller so we have some activities that get at that apparent size and playing with that optical illusion," she said.

Jackson said The Sciencenter is closed on Mondays instead they’ll be up at Fair Haven Beach State Park with activities all afternoon on Eclipse Day. If you can’t get to the Sciencenter, she says NASA has lots of activities and information on their websites. And libraries in the Finger Lakes Library System are giving out eclipse kits created by the Sciencenter. 

The Sciencenter eclipse activities page

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Abouit Eclipse Day at Fair Haven Beach State Park

Some hands-on eclipse activities from Exploratorium



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