Voices from the Cornell Encampment: Milay

In early May, pro-Palestinian activists at Cornell voluntarily took down their "Liberated Zone" solidarity encampment. In this series, we'll listen to some of them explain why they participated and what they learned.

Millay is a senior:

"I'm a Buddhist. I believe in the mutual liberation of all beings. I think really the thing that I learned is that there is like an incredibly loving community, a welcoming community here at Cornell. I started my freshman year with COVID year. There was like nobody on campus. And it just felt incredibly isolating. And yeah, I just learned it's possible to find a community. Even when you know, you've been through like COVID, even through genocide, and even through our differences—coming together for like a shared value of love and compassion for other beings. Was just really beautiful and something that I honestly didn't really expect to find here. So that's really nice. Yeah."

Find more voices in this series as they become available.

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