Voices from the Cornell Encampment: Malak

In early May, pro-Palestinian activists at Cornell voluntarily took down their "Liberated Zone" solidarity encampment. In this series, we'll listen to some of them explain why they participated and what they learned.

Malak is a senior:

"I came to the encampment because I'm Palestinian and I have family in Gaza. So it was really beautiful to see a community come together and stand together to demand divestment from the genocide. So seeing people like risk, you know, their education risk being suspended, arrested, assaulted, etc. I thought it was really beautiful. So I just want to be able to support in any way that I can, whether it be my presence, or donations, etc."

I guess one thing I learned is how widespread the sentiment of that people share is. I mean, like for me, like I grew up, Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, so this has always been an issue. In my life that I cared about. But to see people from so many different marginalized communities, from so many different struggles, so many different classes to see rich people, poor people, first generation, low income, see trust fund babies, to see all these people come together to support a cause together, I guess I never really realized how united this fight is. And I think something that's really beautiful."

Find more voices in this series as they become available.

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