Local News: May 28, 2024

Mass Evictions and Rent Hikes at West Hill Apartments

Residents at a West Hill apartment complex in Ithaca are facing eviction. According to the Ithaca Times, the Delaware-based new owners of Cayuga Gardens Apartments plan to raise the rent in all units by $600 a month. In February they served every resident in the complex with a 90-day eviction notice. Many renters in the 60-unit development have already moved out. About a dozen remain, many of whom are elderly or disabled. Wednesday is the deadline for them to vacate. 

Cornell DACA Assistance Program Gets Boost

A Cornell-based group providing legal assistance to migrants has been granted $1.5 million. According to the Cornell Sun, Path2Papers provides legal consultation to people in the Bay Area and Cornell students seeking legal residency through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA. The program has become a political football and its future is uncertain. Professors Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer and Stephen Yale-Loehr of Cornell’s Law School will use the funds to expand access and affordability of the program that helps people achieve legal residency through employment-based visas.

McGraw Tower Crested by Masked Prankster

Spiderman was spotted on McGraw tower at Cornell on Monday. According to 14850.com someone dressed as the Marvel comic book hero was spotted atop the tower which is closed for renovations. The masked intruder cooperated and was removed by Cornell Police. Neither Cornell nor Peter Parker was unavailable for comment.

The tower has been the site of pranks in the past. In 1997, the community was mystified by the sudden appearance of a giant pumpkins skewered on the tower’s peak. The gourd rotted in place and remained there for 158 days.

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