The Rocket Morton Show

rocket morton
Every Friday from 7 to 9pm it's raw power from the old school, some familiar, most not, but all killer no filler all the time. Wild R&B shouters, lysergic weirdos with wah-wah pedals, fuzzed-out avant-garage punks, Elvis-wannabe-hillbillies, greasy rockabilly guitar twangers, funky freaks, soul belters and shouters, song poem outsiders, acid blues & gospel church wreckers.

We take trips from America to Zimbabwe, Big Ben to Phnom Pen and sometimes even into outer space. In between you may be subjected to Alfalfa "Our Gang" Switzer croonin', Rudy Ray "Dolemite" Moore signifyin', prank phone calls, Criswell's futuristic predictions, Batman, goofy movie patter, unhinged preachers exhorting you to lay your hands on the radio, bits of idiotic commercials, strange shortwave stuff, etc. Sometimes all at once.

All these delicious odds & ends served up with vim & verve and a lotta nerve by your host with the most, that ol' Shazam thwartin' Rocket Morton.

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"I walked a rainbow, Lord and I chained the moon / Walk around the world and get back before noon" - James Carr