Thrift Shop Radio

Thursdays, 7-9pm on WRFI


Thrift Shop Radio: where the proprietor presents those purveyors of popular music, who have persistently prevailed in providing the power of pop in a thrifty 3 and ½ minutes or less. Bands from then and now who live and breathe the spirit of early rockin’ roll, 60’s garage, and the post-punk-power-pop of the 70’s, 80’s and beyond. In the Thrift Shop we bring songs out from under your stairs, your grandma’s garage, the library sale down the street, the used record store that’s still hanging on, the cracks in your kid’s Spotify list, or the corner of your mind where that tune is stuck like chewing gum to the bottom of your high school homeroom chair. The store is a mix of (…ahem) classics, shoulda beens, B-sides, fresh local and nation wide pop, and covers of those 60s and 70s AM wonders that all of a sudden seem quaint.

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