She Organizes People’s Homes and Sells Their Stuff Online. It’s Beyond a Gig – it’s Like Social Work [AUDIO]

Heather Macdonell, the founder of moxy. ithaca, makes her entire living organizing people’s homes and then selling their stuff on Craigslist and eBay. She started her business with moxie, paying off more than $45,000 in debt within four years.

But she’s a lot more than than her gig economy-type job may indicate — in a lot of ways, she’s like a social worker. Her stories are touching, particularly as we think about what we can to do to be better people around the holidays. You might even tear up toward the end.

WRFI’s Laura Rosbrow-Telem reported and produced this piece for her weekly news show on Fridays from 7-8 a.m., Your Morning.

In this feature, we use a copyright free song called Intermezzo from Podington Bear and a brief street recording of Buena Vista Social Club.