Laura Flanders Speech at Izzy Award [AUDIO]

Laura Flanders is an independent English journalist living and working in the United States. Her career extends between broadcast and television, and she is the author of six books. Her show, “The Laura Flanders Show“, explores alternative models and movements in the economy, culture, and politics often overseen by the mainstream media.

Laura Flanders is a 2019 Izzy Award Winner. She was praised by judges for, “fleshing out narratives around grassroots-driven solutions to our economy and politics.”

Laura Flanders’ acceptance speech is mixed in this piece with an interview WRFI’s former news director Laura Rosbrow-Telem conducted with her on WRFI’s Your Morning.

This feature was originally aired on May 17th, 2019.

Produced and edited by Jimmy Jordan.

Featured Music:

  • Algea Trio – Blue Dot Sessions
  • Milkwood – Blue Dot Sessions
  • Roundpine – Blue Dot Sessions