The Ripple Effect Radio Project Part 1: Invasive Species Harmful Algal Blooms [AUDIO]

Every day, stories about the environment are in the local, regional, and national headlines. Climate change, climate emergency, climate crisis -- no matter how you slice it, our planet is warming up, a change which, according to the NOAA, is driven primarily by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere.

Our new public affairs series “The Ripple Effect” dives into the local effects of climate change on our area's cherished waterways. This project is made in collaboration with the Ithaca Voice, Cornell University, the Community Science Institute, and the Ithaca College Park ScholarsWe dive into water hazards affecting the Finger Lakes region, and explore how our community is managing the burden of those issues.

Our project is ongoing, and we want to hear your questions, comments, or concerns about water in the finger lakes. Call us at 607-274-3445, or send us an email at [email protected].

This is the first episode of the project, and future episodes will be airing Tuesdays on WRFI Community Radio News. Today's episode was produced by Maggie McAden, Megan MacElroy, and Kelsey O'Connor, and directed by Michayla Savitt. Music provided by BlueDotSessions.

This series was made possible with funding from Engaged Cornell. Special thanks to the Park Foundation for supporting the Ithaca College Park Scholars and WRFI.