Which Way Forward: The Officer’s “Catch-all” Task and Alternatives to Policing

The first episode of the series explores what local agencies are best suited to be called for helping people in distress. Our team of reporters speak to several local social service organizations to better understand how, and if, those agencies could take on more of a role in maintaining public safety. We also speak to Ithaca Police Chief Dennis Nayor about the current state of policing in ithaca, and what needs to change.

Today’s episode was co-reported by Ithaca Voice reporter Matt Butler, and Ithaca College Park scholars Lauren Leone, Malick Mercier, and Aidan Glendon. Jay Bradley edited today’s episode, and sound design was by outgoing WRFI news director Michayla Savitt. Music is by BlueDotSessions. Skylar Eagle helped with script editing. The series is directed and executive produced by Ithaca Voice senior reporter Anna lamb and Michayla Savitt.

Which Way Forward: Redefining Public Safety is a production of WRFI News, The Ithaca Voice, and the Ithaca College Park Scholars, with funding from Engaged Cornell.