Which Way Forward: Examining community organizing and its impact on criminal justice

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In the fourth episode of Which Way Forward: Redefining Public Safety, we switch gears to how some organizers both on the streets and behind the scenes are fighting for a more equitable future for local people of all ages - including changing public safety policies.

This episode of Which Way Forward was co-reported by outgoing WRFI News Director Michayla Savitt, and Ithaca College Park Scholars Hailey Aldrich, Emily Hung, Jess Moskowitz. Skylar Eagle edited today’s episode, and helped with script editing. Sound design was by Michayla. Music is by BlueDotSessions. The series is directed and executive produced by Ithaca Voice Senior Reporter Anna Lamb and Michayla Savitt.

Which Way Forward: Redefining Public Safety is a production of WRFI News, The Ithaca Voice, and the Ithaca College Park Scholars, with funding from Engaged Cornell.