Travis Brooks, Candidate for Tompkins County Legislature District 1

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Travis Brooks is running for the District 1 seat on the Tompkins County Legislature. He spoke to WRFI News Director Jimmy Jordan in late April. In the conversation, Brooks goes over the main points of his platform:

  • Affordable housing–gentrification has removed our most vulnerable people from their communities and placed them in the most remote areas which lack the most basic resources

  • Employment opportunities–creating jobs that give families stability and upward movement beyond the living wage.

  • Funding for social service programs–we must push for programs that provide sustained programming based on need.

  • Improving the quality of lives for the marginalized West Hill residents

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Opposing Brooks in the June 22 primary is Nicole LaFave. Check out Jimmy's conversation with LaFave and learn about her platform. Visit the Tompkins County Board of Elections to learn more about voter registration, absentee and in-person voting this year.