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How to Manage the County’s Forests? [AUDIO]

Tompkins County has a looming question. There over 550 acres of county owned forest in the towns of Newfield and Caroline, but about 300 acres of this have an abnormal ecology for the area. They’re filled with red pine trees planted back in the 1930s and these trees are beginning to fail and fall over.…

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TruthSayers News Interview with Mike Koplinka-Loehr [AUDIO]

06/13/17: Josh Brokaw of TruthSayers News interviews Mike Koplinka-Loehr, who’s running for county legislature against Mike Sigler in Lansing’s 6th district. This is the first in a series of interviews of Tompkins County Legislature candidates. [mixcloud width=100% height=60 hide_cover=1 mini=1 light=1]

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