June 21, 2022 Daily Headlines

According to NPR, new legislation banning the sale of body armor to civilians in New York may not be effective. The new legislation will not affect the sale of the armor like that worn by the gunman at the Buffalo supermarket shooting. The gunman wore a steel-plated vest which does not fall under the category of banned vests. The legislation only restricts the sales of soft vests, not vests with steel, ceramic, or polyethylene plates. Erie County State Senator Sean Ryan co-sponsored the bill after retired police officer Aaron Salter failed to stop the alleged mass shooter at a Buffalo Tops supermarket in May. 


Last Thursday, Bill Nye the Science Guy was at Cornell to discuss an earth-source heating project, an upcoming project that could heat the entire campus. According to My Twin Tiers, the project will use heat from the earth to warm the campus without using fossil fuels. Nye talked about the drilling procedure: "If this works…you'd have about five pairs of wells around campus that would heat the whole place." Drilling for the project has not started yet. If you would like to keep track of the project, visit Earthsourceheat.cornell.edu 


American Airlines is ending its services at the Tompkins International Airport on September 7th. Due to pilot shortages, American Airlines will end its service in Islip and Ithaca, New York, and Toledo, Ohio. According to 14850.com, American Airlines said they would reach out to customers scheduled to travel after September 7th and offer alternate arrangements. The story is still developing. Check back at 14850.com for more information.

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