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Does it Matter Where We Buy Books? [AUDIO]

In this episode librarian Ryan Clover spoke with Lisa Swayze, the general manager of Buffalo Street Books about the impacts of shopping local vs shopping online. Over the past couple years the library budget has been tighter than usual, despite the increase in demands on the library’s services. To better serve the community we’re inviting…

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Interview with Matt Kadane (New Year / Bedhead) [AUDIO]

Matt Kadane stopped by the WRFI Community Radio studios to discuss his work in Bedhead, The New Year and other projects with selections played highlighting his long career in music. The New Year’s latest record “Snow” came out in 2017. (interview edited for rebroadcast, original airdate 11/11/18) Many thanks to Matt, and for all the…

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Economic Development – When People Matter – A 30-Year Project Restoring a City for Its Citizens (audio)

Forty years ago, Burlington Vermont was a tired and rundown old industrial city with vacant storefronts, a high unemployment rate and a rapidly shrinking industrial base. Today, Burlington’s unemployment rate is among the lowest in 372 metropolitan areas.  Its foreclosure rate hovers around zero.  It has a thriving arts and cultural program with over 100 annual…

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Getting to Know Amanda Kirchgessner [Audio]

Amanda Kirchgessner is running against Tom O’Mara (R-NY) to represent New York’s 58th district in the New York State Senate. She discussed her issues, concerns and background with WRFI’s Lori Sonken. This interview aired on September 18, 2018.

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Josh Fox is coming to town and you can see his new play FREE

Josh Fox will be featured in an interview with producer Ryan Clover on WRFI News… so stay tuned!!! Emmy award winner, Oscar nominee, and director/narrator and producer of Gasland, environmental hero Josh Fox has made fracking a household word. A leader of and hero to the environmental movement, Fox brings his solo LIVE performance, The…

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Charge NY Brings Electric Vehicle Initiatives to Tompkins County [AUDIO]

WRFI spoke to Adam Ruder, the Clean Transportation Manager at NYSERDA. We talked about the Charge NY program, which is a collaboration between NYSERDA, the New York Power Authority, and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to increase clean transportation in New York, specifically electric vehicle use. This originally aired on Monday, July 16th…

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