June 27, 2022 Daily Headlines

The New York State Police department is warning the public not to share personal information with callers claiming to be state troopers. According to police, the scammers are telling New Yorkers that there is a legal case against them, and asking for personal information. The phone number used for the calls appears as a New York State Police Troop L phone number, but the police say no authorized personnel is using the number for these calls. The number used in the scams is 631-756-3300. Again, law enforcement is encouraging the public not to give personal information over the phone. NBC reported on the news. 


According to the Ithaca Voice, Cornell University's Library YouTube channel is back online after having been reported for showing nudity. At this time, whether the account was flagged by a person or AI is unclear. The reported video discussed 1980s feminism, including "The Feminist Sex Wars: A Retrospective” by Gayle Rubin and "Making a Lesbian Sex Magazine in the Age of Feminist Sex Wars." It was a surprise for community members when the channel was reported as it has 114 videos, with the most viewed video getting only 1,000 views. 


Yesterday Governor Hochul signed the Lorena Borjas Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund and the Gender Inclusive Ballot Act. The equity fund will help organizations provide services for transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary communities. The Ballot Act allows people who do not identify as a binary gender to run for political party positions. For more information and to hear Governor Hochul’s comments on the laws, go to governor.ny.gov

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