June 30, 2022 Daily Headlines

Schuyler County has received over $22,000 from the Federal Government’s ‘Payments in Lieu of Taxes’ program (PILT) to spend on vital county services. According to Schuyler County Attorney Steven Getman in a press release, “PILT seeks to compensate local governments for the inability to collect property taxes on federally owned land.” This was the highest amount awarded to any county upstate through the program. 


This Friday July 1st, there will be a public meeting on the topics of abortion rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and bodily autonomy in Seneca Falls. The event is being held by the Geneva Women's Assembly (GWA) and the Party for Socialism (PSL).Organizers are encouraging people to come together to share ideas and rally around abortion access and rights in the Finger Lakes region. The meeting will begin at 6pm, and will be at the Women's Rights National Historical Park at 136 Fall Street in Seneca Falls.


New York State and New York City have sued distributors of gun components who have allegedly contributed to the spread of illegal, untraceable “ghost guns.” According to Reuters, these companies are selling unfinished frames and firearm components which can be used by purchasers to build finished weaponry. These parts do not require a background check to acquire, and they lack serial numbers, making them incredibly difficult to trace, giving them the name “ghost guns.” Just this year police have seized 373 “ghost guns” statewide.

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