July 1, 2022 Daily Headlines

Ithaca Police are looking for information about a robbery that took place at the K&H Redemption Center on Tuesday. According to the Ithaca Voice, someone saw a man wearing a mask fleeing the scene after the break-in. If anyone witnessed anything or has any information, they are encouraged to contact the IPD by calling  (607) 330-0000 or going to cityofithaca.org/ipdtips. Anonymous tips are welcome. 


On Tuesday the Ithaca school district announced that it would be replacing Northeast Elementary School Principal Liddy Coyle. According to WSKG, district Athletic Director Samantha Little will serve as the interim principal until a permanent replacement is found. Coyle abruptly departed the position weeks before the end of the school year, and the district has not given a concrete reason why. Parents and teachers alike are protesting the move, calling it retaliatory for Coyle speaking out against Superintendent Luvelle Brown. 


More than 1000 acres of land will be returned to the Onondaga nation, marking one of the largest returns of land to an indigenous nation in US history. According to localsyr.com, the historic agreement between the nation, New York State, and the federal government is a result of the 2018 National Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program. The deal includes a conservation easement, which will prohibit commercial development, and provide protection and restoration of natural areas. The parcel contains the headwaters of Onondaga Creek, 45 acres of wetlands, and 980 acres of forest and open land.  

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