January 2022 — Board Meeting Minutes

WRFI Board Meeting 

January 11, 2022: 6-8pm 



Felix Teitelbaum
Alexandra Ackert-Smith
Corinne Shanahan
Carlos Gutierrez
John Young
Joe Romano
Chantal Thomas


Not Present:

Godfrey Simmons
Robin Elliott
Joseph Haefeli
David Walton
Stephen Cope



6:03pm: Quorum achieved 

6:07pm: VOTE: Adoption of Minutes & ED Report (Joe Romano motioned to approve minutes; John Young  seconded motion) 

6:09pm: Motion passed; Adoption of December minutes


6:10: Treasurer’s report: 2021 Performance & 2022 Budget

  • John shared the year-to-year difference in operating budget from 2020 and 2021
  • Discussion of organizational reserves and the expense of the transmitter project
    • Current standing for the transmitter project: $8k received, $25k firm commitments, $25k tentative commitments, $42k still needed 
  • Caution in spending down reserves when the full impact of the pandemic hasn’t yet played out 
  • ICR operating budget for 2022: 
    • Operating income: $125,610.21 preliminary; $143,664.00 projected (aspirational growth in two areas: underwriting, “other grants” for the Capital Campaign, and potential pandemic relief funds) 
  • ICR Capital Budget 
    • Signal expansion project 
    • CCAP studio rebuild 

6:46: VOTE: Approval of 2022 Budget

  • John motioned to approve; Alex seconded
    • Passed unanimously

6:47: Felix shared Profit and Loss Standard Report (P&L)

6:50: ED's report: Park Foundation Proposal

  • 1570 total contributing members in 2021, 128 of which were new members 
  • The station will find out in a few months whether the proposal has been approved

6:55: Discussion of COVID protocols, Studio A construction 

7:07: Discussion: Executive Administrator job description review

7:16: VOTE: Approval of EA job description and posting

  • Joe motioned to approve, Alex seconded
    • Passed unanimously 

7:18: Discussion: Committee Next Steps & Initial Charter

  • Each committee will create an initial charter: description of group mission, contact info, meeting schedule, responsibilities that fall under the group’s purview 
  • Each committee should have a lead organizer 

7:27: Discussion: Major Donor Dialing Event in February

  • Phone-a-thon date tentative: Feb 10th, 4-6pm via Zoom 

7:34 Board Expectations document 

7:42: VOTE: Approval of board expectations

  • Joe motioned to approve, John seconed 
    • Passed unanimously

7:46: Meeting adjourned