Local News for Friday, January 20th, 2023

Council searches for fifth ward Alderperson

The Ithaca Common Council is conducting its search for a new fifth ward alderperson. The seat was left vacant after Laura Lewis was elected mayor in November. The council has formed a Vacancy Committee made up of Lewis, the 5th ward’s other alderperson Robert Cantelmo, and Alderperson Robert Gearhart of the third ward. The committee has conducted interviews with 8 candidates, all of which are available on the city’s youtube channel. The committee will recommend one candidate to the common council for approval. Whoever is appointed will fill the term for the remainder of the year.


Town of Ithaca pursues changes to Route 13

The Town of Ithaca is looking to make changes to zoning rules for Route 13 south of the city. According to the Ithaca Voice, the Town Planning Department has proposed an “Inlet Valley Center” zone and an “Inlet Valley Transitional” zone with the goal of producing a rural aesthetic to draw businesses and tourists. The plan would create specific requirements for the types of businesses and architecture styles that could be used in the area. The rules would prohibit parking lots visible from the road, as well as building trades and car dealerships. The town’s goal for the area includes more restaurants and artisanal shops. The Town Planning Board did offer some skepticism at the plan suggesting it may push out existing businesses and create issues with the state owned highway.


Supreme Court won't block state gun law... yet

The Supreme Court has rejected a request from gun dealers and collectors to block parts of New York’s new gun law. According to Syracuse.com, the state’s new gun law is working its way through the judicial system after it was ruled unconstitutional. New York passed the law after the Supreme Court overturned a century-old state concealed carry law. However, the courts have permitted the state to enforce the law while it is being appealed. The order came from the nation’s highest court with no public dissents from court members.

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