Local News for May 30, 2023

- Ithaca Common Council Members Introduce Gun Storage Legislation -

The Ithaca Common Council is considering a gun storage law. It would require gun owners to lock up or disable their firearms in their homes. The issue was discussed at last week’s City Administration Committee meeting. The Ithaca Voice reports the legislation would carry fines and make violators criminally liable if another person used their guns to injure or kill themselves or others. Council members say they are looking for ways to enforce the law before moving forward.       

- Cancer Resource Center Of The Finger Lakes To Move Because Of Safety Concerns -

The Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes is moving. They’re currently in downtown Ithaca. They say staff don’t feel safe because of an increase in drug use, attempted break ins and vandalism on their property. The Center’s moving to Cayuga Heights while they look for a new space. The nonprofit provides free services for people affected by cancer. 

- Ithaca Police Solve 1987 Homicide Case With DNA Evidence  -

The Ithaca Police say they’ve solved a 1987 homicide case. David Malcom was found dead inside a former Ithaca Red Cross shelter where he worked. The case went cold several years later. Police began to look into the case again in 2015 with help from other law enforcement agencies. Ithaca Police say based on DNA evidence they’ve concluded Malcom was killed by the boyfriend of a teenage girl who came to the shelter. She wanted help getting away from the boyfriend following a domestic incident. The police say they’re not revealing his identity. He died in 2019.

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