Local News: August 18, 2023

- Ithaca Draft Homeless Encampment Policy To Be Revised -

Ithaca’s draft homeless encampment policy will be revised before being voted on by the Common Council’s Planning Committee. The Ithaca Voice reports that as it is, the policy lacks the votes to pass the committee. The policy would create new zones where camping would be allowed. Currently, camping in the City of Ithaca is illegal but it is not enforced in the area called The Jungle. A major problem with the new policy has to do with enforcement. Specifically what to do when people refuse to leave the current area, The Jungle, for the new one.  Members of the public, including some who live in the current encampment and even the police expressed a distaste over police removing people. Other things to be worked on include language that would spell out support services and amenities that would be available in the new zones. The Planning Committee has sent the policy back to city staff to be revised. It may be reconsidered at the committee’s September meeting.

- Ithaca Advertises for New City Manager Position -

The City of Ithaca is officially seeking applicants for its new City Manager position. The posting went up on the city’s website on August 18. It says the city is looking for applicants who are “collaborative, inclusive, progressive local government leaders”. The full description says the position will remain open until filled but encourages those interested to apply by September 15. The salary range is $160,000-185,000.

- Wegman’s Customers May Have Gotten Extra Credit/Debit Card Charges. Here’s What You Need To Know. -

If you shopped at any Wegman’s store this week, you should check for extra charges on your credit or debit card. Some credit or debit transactions were charged twice. A Wegman’s representative says the problem is by the credit card processors, not Wegman, but has affected all Wegman’s stores. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that the company is already working with card processors to refund the extra charges.

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