Local News: November 22, 2023

- Hochul signs law that will seal criminal records for thousands -

Governor Hochul has signed a new law into effect that will seal criminal records for thousands of people. The Clean Slate Law will seal the records of some people who have served their sentences and paid all fines. The Albany Times Union reports the law has a long list of exceptions. For example, people with misdemeanor convictions have to wait until three years after their sentence is finished to be eligible. And some with felony records will have to wait eight years or more. Some felonies are not eligible at all. They include murder, sex crimes, terrorism, arson, and possession of large amounts of drugs. Law enforcement and employers will still have access to criminal records under certain circumstances like if someone applies for a job working with children or in law enforcement. State Republicans oppose the law. They say the law is "pro-crime". 

- Local representatives propose law to protect Cayuga Lake -

Concern is growing about the potential sale of Cargill’s salt mines under Cayuga Lake. State lawmakers Anna Kelles and Lea Webb have introduced a bill to boost the state’s environmental oversight. Their bill proposes that future sale, ownership transfer, or mine permit approval would require a full environmental review and a reclamation plan with financial assurances. Kelles says the state needs to review the health of the mine immediately.

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