Local News: April 10, 2024

- Cornell Tech diversity program sued for alleged discrimination against men -

Cornell is facing another allegation of discrimination. The Cornell Daily Sun reports that Cornell alumnus Justin Gaffney Samuels filed suit in March against Cornell Tech and the City University of New York (CUNY). He alleges the admission policy for their “Break Through Tech” program discriminates against men. Gender discrimination by institutions receiving federal funds is a violation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. The “Break Through Tech” program website states its goal is to, “create new pathways into tech degrees and careers for women and non-binary undergraduates from diverse backgrounds.” Samuels is a black man. He filed a similar lawsuit and complaint against Barnard College in 2023. The U.S. Department of Education is investigating Cornell and six other schools for other alleged civil rights violations relating to antisemitic, anti-Arab, or anti-Muslim incidents on their campuses.

- New law gives manufactured homeowners more rights -

A new state law that went into effect in April gives owners of mobile homes more rights. Most manufactured homeowners own their homes but rent the land where it sits. The new law requires mobile homeowners to get first right of refusal regardless of any land use changes. Previously New York State law required they get first right of refusal only if the land was to be sold for a different purpose. Assemblyperson Anna Kelles says the law protects homeowners' rights and the affordability of mobile home parks.

- An eclipse audio postcard -

On Monday, I went to the Cayuga SHARE Farm near Union Springs. About 200 people gathered to share food, learn about Haudenosaunee history, and experience the eclipse together. I recorded this short audio postcard as the sky darkened.

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