Local News: April 17, 2024

ICSD Board Cuts Proposed Budget Ahead of May 21 Vote

The Ithaca City School Board has made cuts to their proposed budget. According to the Ithaca Times, the adjustment was made after a 5-hour meeting with the public. Board members heard from a range of homeowners who spoke to the effect of rising taxes on Ithaca’s already serious housing affordability crisis. The school tax levy had originally been proposed to grow by more than 12%. The board eventually approved a proposed budget that would lower the levy by approximately $4 million through a combination of cuts and use of reserve funds. The new levy would still be an 8.4% increase. Because the increase exceeds the New York State cap on school budget growth, it will need to be approved by 60% of voters. The vote on school budget will be held on May 21.

Cyclist Injured in Accident with Elmira School Bus

A cyclist was injured in an accident with a school bus in Elmira on Tuesday night. WETM reports  that the crash occurred at the intersection of East Water Street and Madison Avenue at about 9pm.

Tara Escudero is a volunteer with Elmira Community Cycle: "I've already lost people to being hit by cars in Elmira. And I live walking distance from the intersection where this happened."

She says that while there is a dedicated pedestrian and bicycle bridge nearby access is difficult.

"The intersection of Madison and Water Street Elmira is...it's a bridge that goes over the river. And it's a bridge that is closest to the highway and the next bridge over is a pedestrian and bicycle only bridge. But that bridge can only be accessed by going behind a factory or by coming down Lake Street in front of all the county and city buildings."

She says the most important improvements for bicycle safety in Elmira would be, "protected bike lanes. Paint is not infrastructure. Painting a shoulder that is supposed to serve also as a bike lane is frankly insulting to people who have been injured and killed and who wants to get around the city with dignity in a way that doesn't harm others. So just bike lanes that are protected by a curb, by bollards, by something, planters. You know, it's not some pie in the sky unknown issue or solution."

The bus did have passengers at the time and had been traveling west on Water Street. The cyclist was conscious and taken away in an ambulance.

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