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The Loneliness Radio Project, Ep. 2: How does social media impact young people’s mental health? [AUDIO]

Welcome to the second episode of The Loneliness Project, an audio production of WRFI and the Ithaca College Park Scholars Program. From mental health to social media, reporters throughout the Ithaca community are analyzing the issue of loneliness through multiple lenses. This piece is also part of a larger multimedia collaboration with The Ithaca Voice and The Cornell Daily Sun.

One of the first things people bring up when they think about loneliness among young people is the role social media plays. So, we wanted one of the first pieces to address this important subject, as well as how technology like smartphones impact college-age youth.

To start, we wanted to see how widespread platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are at Ithaca College. And, nearly everyone we spoke to? They use these apps.
In this episode, we talk to experts and student mental health leaders to understand how social media affects young people, and what young people can do to lessen its affects.

Bronte Cook, Maia Noah, and Julianne Grillo reported and produced this piece. Laura Rosbrow-Telem, the news director at WRFI, editorially supervised this episode and Jackie Marusiak mixed it. Mars Booker and Elena Piech wrote and produced the theme music. All other music was provided by Podington Bear, analoc, and Hogan Grip under Creative Commons licenses. We especially want to thank Engaged Cornell and The Sophie Fund for supporting this collaboration and The Park Foundation for supporting the Park Scholars Program and WRFI.

The Loneliness Project will explore more topics related to loneliness and mental health in two weeks — we will take a break on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Listen in on Fridays after WRFI Community Radio news headlines at 6 p.m. Tune in live at 88.1 FM in Ithaca and 91.9 FM in Watkins Glen. Or stream online at

*This piece first aired on WRFI Community Radio News on Nov. 16. A transcript is soon to follow below. 

Episode 2: How does social media impact young people’s mental health?

Featured image credit: rawpixel / Pixabay