Ear to Earth, Ep. 1: ‘Localizing’ climate change in Tompkins County [AUDIO]

This is the first episode of “Ear to Earth”. It’s a special WRFI News series about how climate change is impacting Tompkins County, in collaboration with the Park Scholars Program at Ithaca College.

In this first piece, there are three segments about how different groups in Tompkins County are "localizing" climate change, including a Cornell researcher, Science on Tap, and the Tompkins County Sustainability Plan.

This originally aired on WRFI Community Radio News on May 28. Maggie McAden, Elena Piëch, and Madison Fernandez produced this episode. WRFI News Director Laura Rosbrow-Telem editorially supervised it. Elena Piëch mixed the theme sequence, using music from Blue Dot Sessions.

Image: rawpixel.com