Ithaca’s Global Climate Strike [AUDIO]

September 20th, 2019 goes down in history -- in protests across the globe, six million people showed their solidarity against the global climate crisis. The march was sparked by Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays for Future” walk-out protests, in her home country of Switzerland.

Every day the headlines are sprinkled with news of climate change. On a local level, our neighbors, classmates, teachers, lawmakers are just some of the people also standing up for climate emergency. Public action on climate change has had a longtime base in our area. Local chapters of the Extinction Rebellion and Sunrise Movement have held talks, events, and of course, rallys -- calling for more to be done about the climate emergency in our area.

Thousands marched on the Ithaca Commons just three days ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York City. WRFI's Michayla Savitt produced this segment with reporting from WRFI News Contributor Ed von Aderkas.