Coronavirus Update, June 2, 2020

In Tompkins County the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 stands at 161 as of tonight. According to the Tompkins county health department, there are no active hospitalizations for the virus. 140 of the positive cases have recovered, and over 10,000 people have been tested in total. 

There is one new confirmed case of the virus in Schuyler County as of today. According to health department officials 13 out of 14 people who were infected with the virus have recovered. Over 1600 people have been tested in total.

There are over 1300 new cases of COVID-19 in New York State as of today, bringing the statewide total to over 373,000, according to the state department of health. New York Governor Cuomo today announced that summer day camps may open in the state on June 29th. However, the state will make a decision about sleep away camps in New York later this week. 

Cornell is planning to resume research at their Ithaca campus as soon as May 29th. 

The Cornell Chronicle reports that only research related to health and disease, agriculture and food, national defense, and the support of essential businesses will be able to commence their work this soon. All programs and labs must submit a plan for their approach to reopening in order to receive approval. 

All buildings and facilities used must be cleared for safety and personal protective equipment must be provided to all participants. Only staff and students already residing in the Ithaca area will be able to return to in-person research. Those from out of state must self-isolate before being able to come back. For those who do return, daily health screenings will be required before working, as will social distancing practices while at work.

Success in this stage of reopening could lead to a second wave of reopening in mid-July, followed by a possible full-capacity reopening in August in a best-case scenario.

Contributing writing by WRFI News Intern Phoebe Harms