Coronavirus Update, June 17, 2021

Although New York State’s COVID restrictions have been lifted in most settings, a state of emergency declaration continues.

Governor Cuomo still retains many of the broad powers granted to him in March 2020. Amid allegations of sexual harrassment, the State Legislature stripped Cuomo of the ability to issue new orders. Existing directives, like closing businesses and setting capacity limits, are still within Cuomo’s power.

State Republicans are pushing for all of Cuomo’s powers to be stripped, and the state of emergency ended.

However, New York hasn’t yet reached herd immunity.

At least 70 percent of New York adults have received their first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. Though that number doesn’t include people ages 17 an younger. According to Nature, it does take about 60 to 70% of a population to be immunized to reach herd immunity from COVID-19. 

Tompkins County reports three new cases of the novel coronavirus for a total of 10 active cases.  Three people, one more than on Wednesday, are now hospitalized for illness due to COVID-19.

In Schuyler County, there are no new cases reported, and a total of 12 active COVID cases.