New Yorkers Mixed on Present and Future of Pandemic, New Poll Shows



ITHACA, NY -- A new Siena College Research Institute poll shines some light on what New Yorkers thoughts are on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of people polled, 68 percent think the worst of the coronavirus is over. An even greater percentage are comfortable in doing activities that were normal before the pandemic, such as having friends at their home, going on vacation withinthe U.S., and eating indoors at a restaurant. 

However, only about half are comfortable vacationing internationally. Nearly half are also worried, or very worried, about a family member becoming sick with the coronavirus.

In terms of effects of the pandemic, nearly half have gained weight, though 38 percent have gotten into shape. Around half of New Yorkers also felt depressed during the pandemic.

When going to public places, 95 percent of those polled are still taking some sort of COVID precautions with over half wearing a protective mask at all times.

Respondents were also asked about the upcoming  fall; 70 percent think schools will return to in-person instruction. On the other hand, over half think the state will experience a resurgence in COVID-19 infections. It has been speculated that the disease survives longer and transmits more easily in cold, dry air, similarly to the flu.

Around two-thirds of New Yorkers believe some pandemic changes will remain in the fall, like people working remotely and schools and workplaces encouraging social distancing and mask wearing. 

Over half say it will be commonplace for New Yorkers to be asked to show proof of being vaccinated.