WRFI-Meeting Minutes-March 2023

ICR Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday MARCH 14TH, 2023

In attendance:

-Peter Bakija

-Fred Balfour

-Joseph Haefeli

-Corinne Shanahan

-Carlos Gutierrez

-Joe Romano

-Talaya Centeno

-Megan Merriam

-Theresa Lyons

-John Young

-Chantal Thomas

-Bryan Roberts

-Felix Teitelbaum

Not in attendance:

-Robin Elliot

-Amie Herman

Agenda Items:

6:05 Call to order.

Consent Agenda: Motion to accept minutes (2/23), seconded, vote 11-0.

Outgoing President’s Report: Joseph suggests that Corrine has the opportunity to take over the president position, and thanks her. Checks to see if anyone else is interested in the presidential position, Corrine is the only current potential candidate. Discussion of an email ballot, including potential contribution from Amie, who is not in attendance. Given quorum, it seems unnecessary to facilitate a vote by mail. Chantal suggests that the vote be done at the meeting, and if folks aren’t at the meeting, they are unfortunately omitted from the process. 

Board President Election: Megan nominates Bryan Roberts for the presidential position. Bryan responds to his nomination, suggesting that he doesn’t feel like he has enough information on the running of the station, but also indicates that he is local, which might be an advantage. Would like to do what is best for the station, which might be to continue as the Vice President. Bryan accepts the nomination for the position of President. 

Felix clarifies that Fred seems to be moving to create an email vote. Joe clarifies that not everyone needs to vote by email, to allow one member to vote by email. Fred clarifies that there is no motion on the floor, and that there should be a motion to go forward. Talaya supports Corrine for President position, and supports Bryan’s idea to learn more about the station. Joseph supports Corrine’s nomination for President, and supports Bryan as continuing as Vice President. John supports Joseph’s position, and supports Corrine as President and Bryan continuing as Vice President, due to Corrine and Felix’s existing relationship, and Corrine’s general ability. Joe supports Corrine as President, and Bryan as a Vice President, getting up to speed as an excellent back up, and potential President in the future. Bryan indicates that Corrine will be an excellent president, and is happy to continue in the support role as the Vice President. Bryan withdraws his acceptance of the nomination for President, leaving Corinne as the sole nominee for the position. Fred suggests that we elect the President this meeting, and then re-elect other officers next meeting, in the name of having a full slate of officers, as called for by the by laws, which suggests an annual election at the Annual Meeting, so as to align with the bylaws.

Joseph nominates Corinne to be President of the board. Carlos seconds. Corinne is elected president 12-0. 

Amie unofficially votes in favor via email. Corinne accepts the position, discusses her busy schedule, but indicates that she is excited to make this all work as best she can. 


Committee Reports

Development Committee: Working on a new meeting time, haven’t met for a while. Corinne will be sending out a survey to find workable meeting times. 

Governance Committee: Committee meeting was delayed until next month, due to last week’s meeting with the NFCB. Fred discusses last meeting’s motion that we did not get to, that adds a section on Meetings to our bylaws, which was not brought forward and voted on. Fred indicates he plans on bringing this motion forward at the next meeting, after getting the motion out before the next meeting. 

Finance Committee: No new information since last meeting. John and Felix are working on bookkeeping. Felix suggests that the new Organizational Assistant will be starting this week, which will be helpful in getting together 2022 balance sheets and general financial information. John indicates that he feels the organization is still fiscally found. Felix indicates that we have 50K coming in from park Foundation soon, 30K from the Dunam fund, both soon. 

Outreach Committee: Corrine inductees that Outreach and Development have been rolled into one group. Bryan continues to look for new potential board members in the name of growing the board. 

Strategic Planning

Corrine discusses the meeting with Sally Kane from NFCB, indicating we had a great turnout, and reminds everyone of the Strategic Planning retreat on April 22nd. Potentially an extra meeting on Strategic Planning between now and then. 

Executive Director Report

Felix thanks Joseph for saving as board president for the last year and a half. He thanks all board members who have been on the board for a long time, including Joe, John, Carlos, and then newer folks as well. Felix suggests that we look for new board among people who have a connection with the station—donors, stake-holders, people from the new broadcast contour. He thanks Corrine for being willing to be the new Board President. 

The new Soundliner has been received, and is currently figuring out where we can put the new large trailer. At the present time, it is in Felix’s driveway. Felix wrote up a lease, where Felix is leasing his driveway to the Station for $1, for space for the Soundliner for a short period of time. Joseph asks about homeowners insurance; Felix indicates that insurance is being taken care of. Felix indicates that that trailer cost $10K, and possibly will cost another $10K to get it renovated for use as a mobile recording lab. Corinne asks about a long term parking strategy for the Soundliner. Felix indicates we need a more permanent place for working on the Soundliner, looking for a large indoor space (garage, etc.). Felix has a team to work on the Soundliner coming together. Discussion of collaboration with other organizations, such as the Science Center, etc. Corinne indicates further discussion will happen at the next development meeting. Discussion of possibly contacting Ithaca Generator. John asks about the $10K, Felix indicates $6K is coming from the Dormitory Authority and $4K from a Cornell grant. Fred asks about long term plans for towing the Soundliner; Felix discusses information about the towing capacity, and suggests that a U-Haul truck is fine for towing; either using a volunteer with a truck who can move the liner, or renting a U-Haul for towing. Talaya indicates that the Ithaca Car Share truck has a towing hitch, as another option. John makes a suggestion for practice towing maneuvering using an empty boat trailer. Felix suggests possibly making an air announcement for truck volunteers. Fred has comments about safety issues with the trailer in regards to financial issues. Bryan indicates that Ithaca College is a potential place for holding the trailer, and will investigate. Joe suggests Felix put some numbers together in regards to the finances involved with the Soundliner.

Felix made an offer to Jim Utz for the position of Operations and Volunteer Manager; Jim has a great deal of knowledge of the station procedures and history of the station. Ben will be taking on another 4 hours as Program Director. Felix is meeting with Celia Clarke for the new news position, as well as another possible candidate. Felix is working on coming up with new personnel benefits, including some paid holiday leave. 

Felix discusses the Strategic Planning and Circle of Engagement, will send out a survey on Strategic Planning. 

Felix discusses his health insurance situation, indicating that it is a financially questionable situation, given that health insurance premiums and deductibles costs $12K a year for someone making his wage, meaning he is only actually making $35K a year. Corrine discusses possible alternatives for helping Felix with health insurance costs, asking if anyone has any information on this, or if anyone can find some alternative situations. Talaya asks about potential subsidies for insurance, and offers to look into Insurance exchanges. Felix indicates that the Human Services Coalition might have access to alternative plans, as well as the New York State Council of NonProfits. Joe indicates that the Personal committee can investigate as well, and that Health Care Navigators can certainly help in this situation. 

Meeting adjourns at 7:46.