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Episode 8: National Perspectives on Affordable Housing

From Ithaca to Salt Lake City, local leaders and engaged citizens are looking for new and creative solutions to our nation’s affordable housing crisis. This week on Bridged, we look within and beyond Tompkins County to see what methods are taking hold in the fight for equal, affordable, accessible housing.  

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Bridged Ep. 6: New Housing Developments in Tompkins County

New developments are in the works for the City of Ithaca. Habitat for Humanity is building their first home in downtown Ithaca. Until now, Habitat has never been able to build downtown because of the cost and scarcity of land. JoAnne Cornish, the director of Planning & Development for the city of Ithaca, shares her…

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Bridged Ep. 5: The Student Impact on Housing

Cornell University and Ithaca College students living off-campus have impacted the rental market in Ithaca. During the school year, college students make up nearly half of Ithaca’s population. According to a report by the Community Foundation of Tompkins County, only 6% of students in Tompkins County live in university sponsored off-campus housing. For other university…

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Bridged Ep. 4: Trumansburg’s Controversial Plan to Address Housing Insecurity

On this week’s Bridged episode, we discuss Hamilton Square, a new housing development in Trumansburg. Proposed by Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services, or INHS, and Claudia Brenner, a local architect. Hamilton Square promises mixed-income housing, in a comfortable and convenient location. The project’s mixed market-rate and low-income development has become highly controversial, with Trumansburg residents skeptical…

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Bridged Ep. 3: Single-Mothers Discuss Living on Section 8 [AUDIO]

This week’s episode of Bridged looks into how family structure presents a barrier to affordable housing in Tompkins County. Over one fourth of Tompkins County children live in a single parent household, according to the Tompkins County Health Department’s Community Health Assessment from 2013–2017. For many single mothers, one income often isn’t enough to support…

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Bridged Ep. 2: The Disabled and Ithaca’s Housing Crisis [AUDIO]

Bridged, a partnership between The Park Scholar Program at Ithaca College and WRFI, continues its investigation into the housing crisis plaguing Tompkins County and how it affects people with disabilities. This episode dives deeper into the struggles of accessibility for people with physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities. This episode also looks at accessibility from multiple…

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